GUATE 4 YOU is a Tour Operator in Guatemala. We promote sustainable tourism in the communitites of Guatemala. We are committed to make a low impact on the environment and local culture. We give travelers a deeper reality of the country and a cultural exchange with our communities.

REASONS TO VISIT GUATEMALA: Guatemala is one of the seven countries of Central América. The live culture of Guatemala is one of our biggest treasures.

DISCOVER ANCIENT RUINS: With more than 2,000 archaeological sites in Guatemala, the Maya culture is one of the 7 most advanced ancient civilizations in the world.

ENJOY NATURE: Guatemala is on the list of the 19 Megadiverse countries in the world, due to the biodiversity in the territory.

EXPERIENCE THE CULTURE: With 4 different ethnic groups in the country, the culture and traditions are diverse from town to town.

INTERACT WTH THE LOCALS: No better way to learn about the country, than having a first hand testimony from the local culture.

EAT AND COOK LOCAL FOOD: The flavors of the country are amazing, we are trying to rescue the ancestral dishes of the culture in Guatemala. Today our traditional local food is a fusion of ingredients since the arrival of the spanish culture to the country.

LEARN THE HISTORY: Meet Don Eleodoro from the community of La Trinidad. During the eruption of Fuego volcano, 1000 members of the community had to evacuate the town, since then they are spread out in different shelters in Escuintla and Sacatepéquez.

SEE THE REALITY: We will take you to places very few people visit in the country. We want to give you the real deal of the country.

TAKE GREAT PHOTOS: Every corner of Guatemala is a photo opportunity, no other Central America country is so colorful as Guatemala.

BE PART OF FESTIVALS: Many festivals take place in the country during the year, every one is a different adventure, try to join them all.

TRAVEL TO GUATEMALA TO MEET NEW FRIENDS: My name is Ivania Sibrian, I invite you to travel to Guatemala and experience the daily life of our communities in a unique way. The communities will share with you their history, traditions, local cuisine, adventures, and their dreams for a better Guatemala. Don´t miss this great opportunity. It will be an honor to be your host in the Maya World.

GUATE 4 YOU is a Tour Operator authorized by INGUAT and committed to reach these goals.